28 June 2013

I celebrated with my friends and comrades when Obama won the elections in 2008

For the first time a President who was labelled a socialist, a communist and a Muslim was in office

A President whose ancestral umbilical cord was buried right here in our African roots entered the Number 1 political office in the world

A President who would lead Americans to truly fight for global peace and democracy was sworn in

A President who knew no colour, no race, no gender and who cared no less about religion

We hoped that WE CAN now start the road towards global peace and economic liberty

Even Julius Malema thought he got a special phone call from Obama when it was just a fake call

Our daughter wrote love poems in your honor

Our mother told their sons that they too can be President of America

Our fathers filled their eyes with tears as they saw you succeed where Jessie Jackson, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Marcus Garvey and many others failed

We were all happy and merry

We knew that the end of US global domination and military might have reached its end

We hoped that Africa shall again enjoy freedom

We knew that we have been freed from the claws of the hawk that America had become after 20 years of the Bush`s and the Cheneys

We never imagined drones, Afghan reinforcements, NATO killing Gadaffi, NATO killing Malians, NATO killing Tunisians, NATO now intending to interfere in Syria

We hoped that America will allow Africa to use African solutions to their problems

But NO. We had yet again a President who was more loyal to those who put the Benjamin`s in his election funds than those who put the ballot in his name

Never would Obama allow our perceived barbarism to continue

He never burned the Bush`s NOTES on continued ruling of the world

He studied them like he was still in Harvard

He bettered the pain which they instructed

Yes We Can BECAME No We Cant

Your oratory before elections was as tongue tied as your renewed answers on the Israeli questions

You claim that you are here for TRADE to the benefit of Africa

But in truth, you are here to device means of raping Africa of its Oil, its platinum, its gold and its other minerals

In truth, you are here because China is also here, and you are threatened by the men from the EAST

Can we remove the troops in Afghanistan

Can we force Israel to halt further expansions into Palestinian territory

Can we stop financing Israeli military capacity and power so that they stop maiming and killing innocent women and children in Palestine

Can we stop Israeli racism and apartheid as did Martin Luther King and Mandela

Can we compensate for US spread global poverty and unemployment that was created by its global capitalism

Can we build a better democracy in the US and the world that serves the poor and the marginalized instead of the conglomerates who rape African and Latin American economies

Can we close Guantanamo Bay

Can we release the Cuban 5

Can we end the half a century US sponsored economic embargo in Cuba

Can we build a better, humane, just and equitable world

Can we redistribute the wealth of the 1% rich to the more than 80% global poor who leave on less than a dollar a day

Can we end the Intellectual Property rights on health and education so that we treat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and also educate our children

It is about time that we say: YES WE CAN YES WE CAN YES WE CAN