28 July 2020

The National Committee of the Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] joins the people of Venezuela, all progressive people and progressive organizations across the world in commemorating the 66th Anniversary since the birth of the late President of the Bolivarian Socialist Republic of Venezuela and the leader of the socialist Bolivarian Revolution, Commander Hugo Chavez.

All socialists across the world are inspired by the great knowledge and practical solutions associated to chavismo. Key elements of Hugo Chavez’s leadership in Venezuela includes nationalism, a centralized economy, and a strong military actively engaged in public projects. Since the election of Chavez in 1999, the PSUV and Chavez began to reverse the 1989 application of neoliberal measures imposed by the IMF through the then government.

It is all the efforts and radical changes that took place since the election of Chavez in 1999 that provokes the global imperialist centres.

We refuse the propaganda that the so called “crisis that is emerging in Venezuela” is a direct result of socialism and populism. On the contrary, socialism in Venezuela has produced the best for all the people of the Bolivarian Republic. It is the imperialist interference and the imperialist onslaught on the government since the transition to socialism that has orchestrated the so called “crisis” in Venezuela. History is equally on our side.

Since the colonization of Venezuela by Spain in 1521, the people of Venezuela have always refused and revolted against imperialism and imperialist interference. Between 1908 and 1935, Venezuela was the largest exporter of oil and the imperialists appreciated Venezuela because the exports benefited their agenda. The election of Carlos Andres Perez 1989 which saw the launch of an austerity programme with the IMF loans was immediately rejected by the majority of the people in Venezuela from the onset even though global imperialism appreciated it. Riots, martial law and general strikes became the order of the day which saw innocent people being killed. The United States and allies never condemned such brutality much as they have condemned the people’s government today.

The results of the rebellion against the bureaucratic elites under the leadership of Perez resulted in the killing of innocent people and the arrest of Hugo Chavez in 1992. Just like Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Samora Machel, Che Guevera, Fidel Castro and many other revolutionaries, Chavez was equally declared a terrorist.

After the impeachment of Perez on corruption charges in 1995, the imperialist centres condemned progressive forces and stood behind corruption – the same corruption they claim to condemn today.

However, Chavez stood the test of time and led a transition to socialism after his election in 1999. Pure logic and common sense made it obvious to understand that Chavez was never going to be a favourite of the imperialist centres. Just like the imperialist onslaught on President Maduro today, Chavez faced sponsored coups and all forms of sanctions from the United States of America and allies.

In 2001, President Chavez passed laws aimed at redistributing land and wealth and immediately, international media drove a propaganda campaign which claimed that he was trying to concentrate economic and political power.

Not so long ago, Donald Trump recognized an imposed bogus government in Venezuela which was sponsored by the United States to overthrow the legitimate government of the people led by President Maduro, and the United Nations security council rejected the pronouncement by the United States. Shortly after that, the USA threatened to collapse an oil tanker shipped from Iran to Venezuela. Even during Chavez’s tenure as President similar events took place. In 2002, President Chavez was taken into military custody through a coup attempt, but because the USA favoured interim government of business leader Pedro Carmona collapsed, Hugo Chavez simply returned to office by popular demand.

Nothing which is happening in Venezuela today is new and the international propaganda which claims that socialism in Venezuela today has failed is nothing but a tired propaganda campaign which global imperialism has been claiming for years.

Today, on the occasion of the 66th anniversary since the birth of Commander Hugo Chavez, the Young Communist League of South Africa would like to echo a message of support and solidarity to the people of Venezuela, the left movement and the government as led by President Maduro.

We condemn the continued imperialist onslaught on Venezuela led by the United States of America which has continuously failed.

Patria o muerte venceremos!

Issued by the Young Communist League of South Africa [ufasimba]

Tinyiko Ntini

National Secretary

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