Operation Khula campaign

The YCL in 2006 launched operation Khula campaign mainly a recruitment drive. The objective was to reach the target of 100 000 membership before the congress. The organizations grow in membership not as expected but there was work around.

The National Congress further resolved on the formation of YCL youth clubs. The purpose being to broaden our recruitment and interaction to young people at all levels Since the resolution not report has ever came to the national office on that regard


  • Constitute National recruitment committee
  • Monitor establishment of provincial recruitment teams led by Deputy Provincial Secretaries
  • Appoint fulltime membership officers
  • Concretize membership system based on the NC discussions outcome
  • Launch 5year membership system from 2008
  • Buy membership cards for provinces and develop a distribution strategy
  • Develop leaflets on YCL activities for new members 
  • Finalize and send out recruitment manual to structures
  • Develop guidelines for Youth clubs


  • Set provincial recruitment committee
  • Account on membership cards given to the province
  • Submit monthly report to the national office on progress
  • Co-ordinate monitor Districts recruitment committees
  • Launch provincial campaign
  • Develop membership data for the province
  • Reach provincial targets
  • Assist structures in forming and registering youth clubs


  • Establish districts recruitment committees
  • Constantly report to the provincial secretariat office on the campaigns
  • Co-ordinate branch workshops on YCL campaigns
  • Develop District membership data
  • Launch new branches
  • Reach District targets
  • Former Districts Youth Clubs


  • Establish recruitment committees
  • Develop recruitment program for an ongoing recruitment in the branch
  • Report on weekly basis to the District Executive Committee
  • Organize branch workshops on the YCL polices and its politics according to the guide lines
  • Form community YCL led youth clubs