Right to Work

The organization launched its Jobs campaigns in 2005 given the high rate of unemployment of young people in the country. There call was to both Private sector and government to create jobs for youth.

 The campaign was further resolved in the 2nd National Congress as we have not achieved the goals to eradicate unemployment in the country. It has been in the programme to engage stake holders and to provide alternative to create jobs through Co-operatives in communities

Tasks of Structures in the Campaign


  • Coordinate provincial work of the campaign
  • Interact with COSATU on the campaign
  • Interact with R2W structure on the campaign and develop a joint programme
  • Monitor implementation work in provinces
  • Interact with DTCC to develop guidelines to form a cooperative
  • Gather information about NCASA to assist in the revival of the structure


  • Link with provincial structures of R2W and develop joint program of action
  • If there is no structure, YCL to assist in the formation of R2W
  • Co-ordinate districts program to launch R2W structures
  • Develop joint programmes on building structures from below
  • Interact with relevant stakeholder on the demands of the YCL on the campaign
  • Register provincial co-operative during this period of the programme
  • Report on monthly basis to the National office on developments
  • Engage government to organize workshops on Youth Cooperatives
  • Lobby PYA structures on Cooperatives as another way of creating jobs


  • Build R2W structure at the district level
  • Coordinate branch work on the campaign
  • Report to provincial structure on progress


  • Form R2W structures in community areas
  • Inform all PYA structures about the campaign
  • Interact with structures or stakeholders around the significance of the campaign
  • Report to DEC
  • Community workshops on Cooperatives