The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) has noted with disbelief the half-baked apology statement by the Former apartheid President, FW de Klerk. The statement is pure hogwash and continues de Klerk’s insult on a hard-earned democracy.

The Former apartheid President cannot insult our hard-earned democracy with pure lies and inaccurate propaganda and simply just get away with it based on a half-baked apology. Firstly, the apology statement by the former apartheid President claims that there was a confusion which never existed. The withdrawal of the statement and a sudden acknowledgement of ‘apartheid as a crime’ is a clear indication that the only person who was confused is the former apartheid President himself.

In the previous statement that is now apparently withdrawn, the foundation of the former apartheid President claimed apartheid was a “agitpró* ” (propaganda) project initiated by the Soviets and their ANC/SACP allies to stigmatise white South Africans by associating them with genuine crimes against humanity, which have generally included totalitarian repression and the slaughter of millions of people. This statement justifies the injustices of apartheid, the Suppression of Communism Act of 1950 and even the killing of the late General Secretary of the SACP, Chris Hani, who was killed by racist apartheid murderers who claimed to have killed him on the basis of amongst other reasons, the conviction that he was communist and equally because of their condemnation of the ‘communist propaganda project’. The statement equally justified racism with a posture to reject the racist character of the apartheid system and classified it as a mere stigma and insinuate the racist crimes as not genuine crimes against humanity.

The previous statement by the foundation of the former apartheid President equally justified the apartheid murders with inaccurate hogwash statistics and associated most of the murders to black-on-black violence vindicating the system of apartheid. The statistics are pure hogwash and ignores the murders of activists who were only discovered post-apartheid and the fact that the black-on-black violence was sponsored by the system. The brutal murder of the ANCYL activist and MK soldier, Mzwakhe Nhlapho, in Sebokeng was as a result of a collaboration between the apartheid security forces and the IFP. This simply proves that the statistics presented by the former apartheid President are nothing but pure hogwash and a justification of crime.

Lastly, the foundation has withdrawn the statement simply because of the sudden discovery of facts about apartheid being declared a crime against humanity and not because de Klerk has changed his convictions about apartheid. In fact, the statement claims to agree that now is not the time for such statements, meaning that the time will come. Therefore, on the basis that he still finds nothing wrong with the crimes committed by the system that he presided over, de Klerk must be prosecuted, and his Noble Peace Prize should be withdrawn.

The former apartheid President must not apologize based on the alleged ‘anger and confusion’ caused by the statement but should unconditionally withdraw his hogwash statement and acknowledge that it was a lie. He should equally withdraw his lies on the SACP/ANC alliance. He must acknowledge the United Nations convention and declaration and not some narrow definitions of the International Criminal Court. It is rather the United Nations convention and declaration that defines apartheid injustices in full.

The former apartheid President and his anti-communist rhetoric has no space in a democratic South Africa. Democratic societies only accommodate those who believe in social justice and not apartheid apologists who still have the guts to justify apartheid injustices.

Issued by the YCLSA

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