7 October 2007

As the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) we wish the 2007 matriculants all the best in their final examinations.

We salute the teachers who have been working tirelessly and hard since the beginning of this year in preparing our matriuclants. It is also these teachers who receive nary mention or praises when our matriculants perform well. It is also them who shoulder the blame when our matriculants underperform. It is therefore prudent for the YCL to call for improved working conditions and remunerations for all our teachers as part of the necessary conditions that enable them to discharge their duties to our country with zeal and enthusiasm.

We also salute all the matriculants who were dedicated and committed to their studies since the beginning of this year. We also salute all those who had to learn under difficult socio – economic conditions of poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS pandemic that continues to cause havoc amongst the teachers and our parents.

As the Young Communist League we are mindful of the fact that these examinations will be the most strenuous and challenging to the majority of matriculants, especially for those matriculants from working class and poor public schools.

This starkling reality according to the Young Communist League can be attributed to unprecedented problems ever seen in the education calender of our country since the dawn of our nascent democratic dispensation. These problems amongst others includes the following issues;

  • Violence that ran rampage in some parts of our schools across the country during the course of this year.
  • The problems of learner transportation which led to some learners losing valuable and productive school days.
  • The non – delivery of learner support material on time and the longest ever public servants strike.
  • The collapse of the school feeding scheme in some parts of the country, notably the Eastern Cape where learners had to learn on empty stomachs.
    These above mentioned realities and observations pose a gloom and bleak hope in achieving expected results by our matriculants, more especially for parents and communities who spend their last earned money in educating these children. As the YCL we strongly believe that government and in particular the National Department of Education (DoE) should be held liable and responsible if matric results are not satisfactory and are below the expected margins.

The YCL will continue advancing its Campaign for Free, Compulsory and Quality Education taking into cognisance that education is a basic right and not a privilege for a selected few children.

As the YCL we hope that given all these our matriculants will rise above the occasion and do the country proud by achieving good and better results as compared to previous years.

We also call for the provision of support programmes in the form of extra classes by our teachers and community members as part of assisting our matriculants.

Issued by: Young Communist League

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