9 November 2005

The National Secretary of the YCL, Buti Manamela, will be presenting a Submission before the Parliamentary Ad-Hoc Committee on Socio-Economic Development, an Africa Peer Review Programme-A country’s self assessment.

This will be on the 09 November 2005, Parktonian Hotel, 15h15-15h45. The submission will cover the following areas: Healthcare, HIV/AIDS, Welfare, Housing, Skills Development, Education, Water and Sanitation, Electricity, ICT, Micro Finance, Youth, People with Disabilities, Women Empowerment
and Children’s Rights.

The YCL will seek to raise the following issues:

-Progress made in each of the areas; -Legislative mandate of parliament, the executive and other arms of government in terms of each areas;
-The problems facing youth in each of the areas, as a result of lack of access etc;
-The proposals from the YCL as it relates to each of the areas.

The submission will be circulated at the Parktonian.

For more information contact Lesly Kwena @ 082 731 5836