The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) takes this opportunity to congratulate the entire rank and file of the South African Students Congress (SASCO) on a successful 21st National Congress that was convened from the 07th February 2020 to the 09th February 2020, at St.George’s Hotel, Tshwane.

The YCLSA applauds the outgoing leadership for their dedication and contribution to the struggle for access and success in education even during difficult times. We equally congratulate the newly elected SASCO leadership which is faced with a transformation agenda that they should dare not forsake.

The SASCO National Congress is a reflection of a healthy organization that understands the need to constantly renew itself to best align to the changing conditions in the higher education sector. Despite the challenges that were engulfed by the organization, it managed to defy the odds and proof the prophets of doom wrong, whom have already written off the organisation.

The National Congress carried the hopes of many students across the country, especially that of a SASCO that will emerge out of the National Congress more united to best advance the interest of students beyond campus struggles. The assessment of this ambition can only be based on the daily efforts of the student movement across all levels.

The YCLSA calls on the new leadership to focus on the art of serving students. The main objective should be coiled around the urgency to realise transformation in education, in particular, to eliminate racism, sexism, class and spatial inequalities, and dismantle all forms of barriers to access and success.

The new leadership must ensure that the aspirations of the students, especially those from working class backgrounds, are championed without compromise. This will require a politically conscious membership armed with the understanding of students as part of a strata of young people in the daily class struggles of the working class.

The task of building and strengthening of unity in SASCO cannot be over emphasised, as this forms part of the continuous work that every revolutionary organisation needs to undertake. It is only a SASCO that is united on the purpose of advancing students struggles within the context of a transformation agenda which can deliver the generational mission of a decommodified education system.

SASCO should equally never abandon the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA), even during the most difficult of times. The unity of SASCO should equally cohere the Progressive Youth Alliance.

The YCLSA will join SASCO in the battlefield to wage a fight for an education system devoid of capitalist pedagogy and the transformation of the TVET sector.

Issued by the YCLSA

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