YCLSA on Swaziland’s Reign of Terror

Category: Statements
18 January 2019
As the YCLSA (uFasimba) we are deeply concerned about the ongoing harrassment of citizens who have been turned into subjects of an insensitive monarchy in Swaziland. 

The arrest of Njabulo ‘Njefire’ Dlamini and Mcolisi Ngcamphalala, who are members of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) General Council (GC) smacks of desperate attempts by the regime to squash any voices that cry out for justice and equality. 
The spurious charges levelled against the two points to the fact that, and sooner rather than later the very natural act of inhaling and exhaling will constitute a breach of law in Swaziland. 
The regime does not stop at anything to manufacture charges, and arbitrarily arrest people it deems inimical to its undemocratic reign. 
We call on the SADC community to act swiftly on this and many other untoward actions of the Mswati regime. If indeed the region is to be a beacon of democracy, it must prove its worth in acting on any form of injustice in the region, otherwise such things will be a tumor in the body politic of the region. 

Issued by YLCSA


Molaodi Wa Sekake

078 164 3668

National Secretary

Tinyiko Ntini

084 979 5999