We therefore, as the YCLSA, ambiguously and strongly condemn the insensitivity of the state and it’s justice system, which seem to be unjust, for persecuting student activists who were part of the #FeesMustFall struggle. These applies to every such incident accross the country, whether reported or not reported in the mainstream media.
The current state of affairs simply means that, instead of the state and its apparatuses seeing students, who are also citizens in pursuit of their democratic rights, they see criminals who must be ‘teargased’, ‘rubber-bulletted’, punished, convicted and locked in jails.
The gratuitous violence meted by the state, and it’s security apparatuses against students, stands to do nothing else but to seriously erode the very legitimacy of the state and it’s organs, particularly if it is seen to be pitted against the unravelling yet legitimate aspirations of a largely excluded and marginalized section of society.
We appeal to the state, particularly President Ramaphosa, to exercise his executive authority to pardon all #FeesMustFall activists. This applies to both those who are still on trials and those who have already been convicted. This will restore the seemingly eroding legitimacy of the state, and restore the trust of the people to its democratoc institutions.
As we appeal to the powers-that-be, we also appeal to everyone, especially young people to give space to the response from the state, especially the President. The next cause of action will be determined by the nature of the response, or lack thereof!
Issued by YCLSA
National Spokesperson
Molaodi Wa Sekake
078 164 3678
As the YCLSA (uFasimba) we want to state, without any fear of contradiction, that it is with huge disappointment and anger that at this point in time of our democratic era, we still have to witness and thus express our disgust over the untoward treatment of students fighting for their rights by the state.