Statement on the death of a DUT Student

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The YCLSA (uFasimba) is deeply angered by yet another murder of a student at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). The struggle for access to education, and many other social and economic services, has seemingly become treasonous under a neo-liberal capitalist order.

As the YCLSA we believe that this is not time to rave and rant about the extent to which the system, buttressed by bad politics and insensitive economics, destroys not only young people’s dreams but lives as well, but time to find ways and means in which we organise ourselves as young people for a truly revolutionary cause. Time for “formality” statements to be seen to be doing something is over, we need to take up our generational political responsibilities and self-determine.

While many people appeal to the state, the University management, parents and students to organise some platform for ‘dialogue’ , it is important to say that, such processes have yielded no serious changes. Dialogues have mot been in good faith. They have served to tame young people and kow-tow them to sterile politics and coubter-productive engagements.

A neo-liberal capitalist order that makes possible the militarization of spaces of learning and the commodification of education runs amok. An inherently violent neo-liberal capitalist order knows no rational discourses. It pounces at its target at will hence the maiming of students.

We have, wittingly or unwittingly, shielded the powers-that-be from any wrongdoing, we have given the political leadership the benefit of the doubt for a very long time thinking that things will fall into place in no time, yet what we have come to get is an unpalatable menu of unfulfillable promises.

We have sanitized and ‘cleaned’ our anger in polished statements and rehearsed media interviews, only to face yet other violent realities meted against students, and the entire youth. We have reached a stage of ‘indefensible’ realities. The capitalist status quo cannot be defended.

In the misdt of conversations and dialogues, students have been tear-gased, arrested, shot at, harrassed, excluded, expelled and suspended from Universities. Dialogues have been in good faith to resolve matters. And for the longest of times, the iconography of some “free education” has been sold to student and the entire youth, we have come to realise that such was a false iconography. We can no longer be so gullible. We cannot afford to pander to political expediency at the expense of our lived realities. What then is politics beyond the quality of our lives?

It is time we stop to sanitize our anger to appease the ruling elite. It is time we take things on our own as the youth , of course with a political and ideological clarity hence existence of the YCLSA and many other progressive formations and community organisations.

The well-being of this generation is more important than anything else. Every structure of YCLSA must organise the youth , make them aware of the nature of power relations, and chart a way forward on how to collectivey overcome the situation, lest the be change to remain the same. Neo-liberal capitalism is the enemy , and any politician that defends such an order deserves the wrath of the marginalised youth.

We are not fighting for favours which must be dished out by the political elite as some courtesy, but for what rightfully belongs to us as this generation. And this is what YCLSA as this point in time seeks to champion. Let’s join hands and fight for what we deserve in our own ideologically and politically determined terms and style. Those who are privileged will see anger not generational demands.


Issued by YCLSA

Molaodi Wa Sekake

National Spokesperson

078 164 3668

Tinyiko Ntini

National Secretary

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