The YCLSA (uFasimba) is deeply disappointed by the tiptoeing of government on land tenure rights of communities. The historical imperative of the revolution has always been to put the productive forces, in the main, land in the hands of the people.
As such, it has been a politics that seeks to  unlock the potential of the people to self-determine. What then happens when a hitherto revolutionary force becomes the pacifier of the people and favour monopoly capital?
The ruling on the Xolobeni community versus an Australian mining company, late last year (in 2018) and the unanimous Constitutional Court ruling on mining in Lesethleng, North West that was said it will ‘fundamentally shift the power dynamics between mining-affected communities and companies’, affirmed the right of people to land.
The Xolobeni community has, through the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC), been fighting plans by an Australian company to mine mineral sands on their land for years.
For the Department of Mineral Resources to tiptoe and go about  some “independent survey” while communities over the years have staked their social, economic and cultural claims over land, smacks of hypocrisy.
It is nothing else but a classic case of political expediency to circumvent the indisputable reality of racialised capitalism and colonial history of land dispossession.
The claims by the Minister that, if mining goes ahead it must be ‘sustainable and coexist with tourism, agriculture and other economic development initiatives’ as it was reported in the media, expediently overlooks the devastating impact of extrativist mining activities.
Capital does not care about environmental and human rights, it cares about profit-making. This is Marxist political economy 101!  Even the provisions in the MPRDA and Mining Charter, including implementation of social and labour plans have not been followed to the latter by mining companies. They have always ran away with murder.
We must expose and take head on politicians, and traditional leaders in cahoots with mining companies, against the interests of communities. For the longest of times poor communities have suffered in the hands of their supposed leaders who do not hesitate to side with exploiters. Those who choose to be politically expedient on this and many other matters badly affecting communities must do so on their own accord.
If the youth of this country does not take it upon itself to assume responsibility of the revolution , it shall inherit a ‘hollow state’, that is, a country bereft of any resources.This is a clarion call to all young peot, particularly the working class youth,  to defend ourselves and our communities against the marauding forces of neo-colonial and neo-liberal capitalist imperialism.
Enough is enough!
Issued by YLCSA
Molaodi Wa Sekake
078 164 3668
National Secretary
Tinyiko Ntini
084 979 5999